Case study------Xiamen Quarantine hotel
Update Time:2022-04-26

Customer background

Xiamen International Quarantine hotel has 9 independent buildings and 6,000 isolated rooms to meet the "one-stop" health management requirements of incoming passengers.

Project requirement

The hotel’s construction time is tight, and the voice system needs to be quickly installed and deployed.

1.The phone system is stable and reliable, meeting the access of 4300 extension users in the first phase, with high security and reliability.
2.With a large volume of telephone inquiries, the hotel reception must remain efficient and accurate.
3.As an Quarantine hotel, the voice system needs to be docked with the unman delivery robot system to realize intelligent contactless food delivery service.

New Rock Solution
According to the phone system requirements of the hotel,New Rock worked together with the local partner to build a highly reliable unified communication solution with OM8000 IP PBX as the core equipment.
Server room
Deploy digital trunk gateway to connect to carrier lines.
Deploy OM8000 IP PBX which supports dual hot standby to ensure safe and reliable communication. 
Office, front desk and guest room areas
Deploy Neehau soft console at the front desk area to realize the call transfer function.
Deploy MX60E analog gateway on each floor to connect with the phones in the rooms.

Customer Values

Highly reliable voice communication guarantee

The New Rock OM8000 IP PBX can meet up to 8000 extensions and 800 simultaneous calls and recordings. Support 99.999% telecom-grade reliability, smooth and clear calls. Based on carrier-grade professional hardware platform, advanced technologies such as dual hot standby (main/standby switching time <5 seconds), dual power supply, dual network port redundancy and dynamic load balancing guarantee "0" voice interruption.

Professional call processing system, efficient and accurate call transfer

Neehau soft-console system is a professional call handling software, which completes services such as call transfer, status monitoring and business consulting.

Easy expansion, strong compatibility

It is easy to expand the capacity of the phone system without changing the network architecture, just add more extension as needed.

Open API, support third-party application access

New Rock IP PBX provides open API interface to support docking with third-party application systems (such as delivery robot platform, etc.) to achieve application integration. In the robot delivery system, New Rock IP PBX will send messages to notify rooms have been delivered and inform the pickup code to pick up the goods, to achieve intelligent contactless service and reduce the risk of cross infection.

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