Shanghai Public Hospital Case study
Update Time:2022-05-07
Customer Background
The Shanghai Fourth People's Hospital was founded in 1921. On February 2, 2018, Shanghai Hongkou District Committee and District People's Government signed a contract with Tongji University to build the Shanghai Fourth People's Hospital affiliated to Tongji University. In November 2019, due to its strong service capacity, large population coverage, large radiation range and good foundation for graded diagnosis and treatment, the hospital became one of the first regional medical centers to be built. The hospital became the first batch of regional medical center constructions.

Project requirement

As one of the largest public general hospitals in the northern Shanghai, it has a construction area of 126,000 square meters, including several buildings such as medical building, emergency building and infection building, among which the medical building contains 6 floors of administrative and 23 floors of inpatient building, with more than 1,000 open beds and 2,000 employees. The new hospital was scheduled to be put into operation in the first half of 2020 to meet the medical and health needs of 500,000 people in the surrounding area.


The nature of the work of medical staff determines that medical institutions attach more importance to the reliability and convenience of voice communication systems than general enterprises. A powerful voice communication system can ensure that staff from different department exchange and transmit medical information quickly and accurately, shorten the time to save and treat patients, achieve more efficient and accurate treatment and care, and at the same time provide medical and administrative staff with diverse ways of communication and reduce hospital operating costs.

New Rock Solution

After learning the needs of Shanghai No.4 People's Hospital,New Rock took the new OM8000 series IP-PBX as the core component to help the hospital deploy a reliable and innovative voice communication system that can match the future development of the hospital with the fastest speed.

Server Room

Deployed New Rock large IP-PBX OM8000 to implement dual hot automated standby to meet the telephone construction of 750 extensions of the hospital.

Deployed OM1000 digital trunk gateway, accessing eight 30B+D trunks to provide stable and reliable external lines for the hospital.

Deploy enterprise-level SBC to provide hospital communication security and access to mobile extensions.

Optionally deploy application servers (such as recording management system, soft console, UMS, etc.) to enhance telephone business functions and management.

Medical area/office area

Each nurse's station, patient room, doctor's consultation room, administration department, security room, charge office and other work stations are deployed with IP phones, which are unified and registered to OM8000 in the server room through the hospital internet to realize free internal phone calls

Medical and nursing staff are equipped with a NewLync softphone app on their smartphones to realize mobile office needs.

Customer Values

Highly reliable voice communications for uninterrupted medical services

Hospitals rely on and use communication systems to a very high degree. New Rock OM8000 IP-PBX supports 99.999% telecom grade reliability. Based on carrier-grade professional hardware platform, it adopts advanced technologies such as dual power supplies, dual network port redundancy, dual hot standby (main/standby switching time <5 seconds) and dynamic load balancing to ensure "0" voice interruption.

Quick response to patient calls to improve customer satisfaction

Support 7×24 automatic operator, customized multi-level IVR, flexible setting of key destinations to help patients find the corresponding department in the shortest time. Built-in call recording function to accurately record patient call information, which can be used as effective evidence in case of doctor-patient disputes.

Smooth medical and nursing communication and efficient collaboration

One-stop provides rich office phone functions, such as extension inter-dial, phone transfer, conference call, etc. Provide special softphone App, with the same extension number as desktop phone, medical and nursing staff can make or receive calls to colleagues' extensions through their cell phones even when they are away from their work stations. In case of emergency, broadcast or intercom can be initiated through the phone to give feedback on the situation at the first time.

Short construction period, fast deployment, and easy later expansion

The distance between hospital buildings is far and the floors are high, and traditional telephones are connected by massive cables, which is costly and has a long construction period. With VoIP deployment, IP phones can be directly connected to the hospital's internet, and the configuration of all extensions can be completed in a short time through automatic batch deployment. The subsequent expansion is easy, no need to change the OM8000 equipment (can be expanded to 8000 extensions) and network architecture, only need to add IP phones registrations

Innovative and intelligent, in line with the future development trend

In response to the Ministry of Health's policy, hospitals are comprehensively building advanced information systems. New Rock IP-PBX provides open API interface to meet the needs of interfacing with HIS, PACS, LIS and other hospital information systems. Meanwhile, the built-in AI integration capability prepares the hospital for future intelligent upgrade.

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