MX60E/MX120G Voice Gateway Software Release Notes V371
Update Time:2019-11-06

Updates of 371 (6 November , 2019)

New features

1.Supports G.722 codecs.
2.The upgrade package begins with a new structure: the base version + the custom package.

Functions improved

1.Adds 3 options for “Addresses trusted for SIP”:
-  Any (low safety): Any IP address is trusted
-  Far end SIP servers when FXO is connected: If there is no FXO connection, then any IP address is trusted; otherwise only the listed IP addresses (SIP server, backup SIP server, TLS server, IP addresses included in routing rules, and loopback IP address) are trusted.
-  Far end SIP servers only: Only SIP server, backup SIP server, TLS server, IP addresses included in routing rules, and loopback IP address are trusted.
2.Increases the maximum length of a called or a callee number from 32 to 50.
3.Supports capturing the voice stream from the FXS or FXO port without disabling the Caller ID detection.
4.Adds ability to connect with Lync (Skype for Business).
5.Adds support for choosing the language of the system voice prompt on Advanced > Greeting page.
6.FXO ports support SRTP protocol.
7.Adds two options on Tools > Configuration maintenance to export networking configurations or system voice file respectively.
8.Adds Tools > Network diagnosis page to diagnose whether the device is connected to the current network environment.

Problems Fixed

1.Fixes an issue with the global gain settings value not synchronizing to some individual line. 
2.Fixes an issue that could cause L2TP to be invalid.
3.Fixes an issue of capturing voice stream on analog ports could cause one-way audio problems on some FXO ports 
4.Fixes an issue that could cause configuring line impedance in batches to fail occasionally.

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