New Rock Releases New Generation of Mini IP-PBX: OM20G/OM50G
Update Time:2019-11-19
As a new generation of Mini IP-PBX, what new features does OM20G/OM50G include?

The call performance and the concurrencies on the console client are enhanced three-fold.
With the call audio recording and NeeHau™ SoftConsole client activated, the call performance of OM20G/50G is significantly enhanced with concurrent users peaking at 30, three times as much as the OM20/OM50. This can better assist users in telephone management, including incoming call prompt, click to call, customer management and call audio recording management. The access and inquiry speeds also improve significantly.

The mobile app applies to many models with a high success rate of standby call pickups.
When you are out of the office, wouldn’t it be nice if you could pick up calls as though you were still there? No problem. Just install the “WeWei” softphone app, instantly converting your mobile phone into a mobile extension. Smart phones of various brands, including Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi, if installed with such app, enable standby call pickups. The success rate is 99%* (to ensure such success rate, the mobile phone must approve all related accesses, including battery optimization, and “trust this app”, in a functioning network).

Full hardware update alongside optimized CPUs and memories

The improved performance of the system rests on the built-in software optimization and iteration, as well as the overall hardware improvement. Integrated with dual-core CPUs, double-speed memories, dual gigabit Ethernet ports, etc., the system is strengthened to deliver the most desired performance. Below is a comparison:

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