What gadgets and software are used for key purposes?
Update Time:2019-11-25
To safeguard a business success, right instruments must be well prepared. Effective instruments can facilitate the achievement of business objectives. In the course of business, are you hassled by various trifle issues when dealing with New Rock devices, especially at installation sites, or during the operation and maintenance process?

Here are some practicable gadgets and software, providing confidence and effective support when you use them. 

1.Surge-protected patch panel
Nobody is willing to go to a certain corner in their company, which is the machine room or a site housing stacks of equipment, as such site is covered with dust or entangled with wires and cables. It is indeed an uncomfortable view.

However, New Rock installation technicians can turn something so ordinary into the most extraordinary. Besides their high-standard practice, there is another important factor, where they utilize patch panels efficiently.
New Rock Patch Panels include PT2400 (24 ports) and PT 4800 (48 ports), both of which are excellent for wire routing.

New Rock Patch Panels do more than wire routing as they can prevent power surges caused by lightning.

What gadgets and software are used for key purposes?

2.Finder: obtains the IP address in seconds
What method is usually adopted to obtain the IP address of a device? What if the IP address is forgotten?
Instead of pressing ## on the telephone or looking for third-party software, our Finder software can help with that.
Within the LAN, you can instantly obtain the IP address of a New Rock device by the following steps:
-  Download and unzip the software installation packet, and double-click to run the program.
-  Click “Refresh” to automatically obtain the IP addresses of the New Rock devices which are in the same LAN.
This hassle-free method saves time and ensures accuracy.

3.Telegreeting software: audio file conversion
New Rock Telegreeting, an indigenously developed tool, simplifies the auto conversion of audio files, helping to convert your favorite greeting messages files, as well as color ringback tones.
-  Portable application software
-  Supports Original audio files with *.mp3 and *.wav
-  Auto generation of OM-compatible file formats regardless of audio channels, capacity and file name

4.Recording agent: hassle-free monitoring with all recording files in hand
The recording agent is used to collect OM-generated recording files, which are stored in the corresponding directory in the MP3 format. You may go to the corresponding directory for recording file management.
-  Easy installation and configuration
-  Strong compatibility
-  Applicable to Windows and Linux operating systems

5.CDR software: call log at your command
Developed by New Rock, the CDR software used with New Rock OM devices collects and stores the call log as *.txt files, which can be stored, reviewed, and managed in the corresponding directory.
CDR software applies to the Windows system.
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