Super Cost Saver for International Calls: OM paired with Skype Connect
Update Time:2019-11-27
What are good solutions for our customers to maintain frequent contact with customers from other countries?
- Use Skype!
Is Skype applicable to companies?
- Yes, it is. Our OM IPPBX can turn the SIP profile of Skype ConnectTM as the trunk line.

Our OM IPPBX connecting to Skype community by Skype ConnectTM allows you to make international calls (including landline and mobile phones) at a lower rate - the Skype rate.

Here are some preparations on Skype.

This includes:
-  Create a Skype Manager account
-  Create SIP profiles
-  Buy channel subscriptions

Enter Skype ConnectTM account details on our OM

-  On the OM Web GUI, click “Trunk > IP trunk > Add (button)”
-  On the popped webpage, select “Skype” and enter the Skype account details 
(Make sure “Permit to use multiple ITSPs” is enabled on “Trunk>IP trunk>Register OPTIONS” webpage)
-  Check “Registration” and click “Confirm”
-  Click “Basic > Dialing rule”, and set the “SIP user” number as the outbound call route

In doing so, you may use the OM extension to make international calls at a cheaper rate with the Skype ConnectTM.
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