OM500 is a full featured IP-PBX, supporting up to 512 extensions, to deliver benefits of SIP trunking, SIP phones, voice gateway, video, mobile and remote-sites communication. In a 1U high and 19 inch wide compact chassis, it integrates built-in T1/E1 model supporting 2 ISDN primary interfaces to PSTN and provides SD card for massive storage. OM500 supports both stand-alone and hosted mode of IP-PBX. With its strong scalability, rich connectivity and affordable cost, it is an ideal solution for medium and large enterprises, in particular for headquarters with multi-site branch offices, and also economic solution for medium and large enterprises.

High Integration and Expansibility

OM500 employs a stack chassis structure. It provides 4 Ethernet ports for direct connection up to 4 extended chassis, each equipped with up to 96 FXS ports for analog phones and/or FXO ports for connectivity to PSTN. Up to 512 extensions in IP or legacy analog phone format can be supported with single OM500 units, bigger capacity is possible in which multiple host chassis are interconnected with internal SIP trunk. 

OM500 supports the tie trunk function, which enables low cost multi-site voice networking solution for headquarter and branches through VPN or even on internet. All extensions at various sites can dial each other directly with short numbers and free-of-charge. Up to 50 sites can be included in an enterprise voice network. 

Easy Management

Web-based GUI provides intuitive configuration management. Various means for remote and centralized management are supported, including TR069 clients, SNMPv2, auto-provisioning, and HTTP command lines.

Being Mobile and Communicating Smartly

With New Rock's WeWei® softphone or other SIP softphone app, users can register mobile extensions such as smart phones or PADs via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G to OM500, making business call anywhere and anytime.  

Neehau is a Window based personal soft console designed to work with OM500 extensions to facilitate features such as caller information pop-up for incoming calls, click-to-dial, call history and recording management, and phone notes, which greatly improve the proficiency of communication. Contact list can be easily imported.
-  Rich connectivity with built-in T1/E1 modules supporting ISDN PRI, loop start trunk, SIP trunks and tie trunk for multi-site deployment, lines to analog phones and SIP clients to IP phones
-  Built-in Ethernet ports to voice gateways for compact deployment
-  Auto discovery for plug-and-play of IP phones and softphones
-  Applications to provide billing and call history management and recording management
-  HTTP REST style application interface to facilitate the integration of third party applications
-  Centralized configuration management and runtime status monitoring
1. Click here to go to login interface.
2. Select role as Operator.
3. Enter password 12345678.
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