New Rock Solution for Hotel Industry Featured Funcitons
Update Time:2021-05-27

Hospitality businesses, like hotels and motels, require phone systems that offer integration with their business applications and improve customer experiences. In busy hotel environments a communications system needs to integrate with hospitality applications so that staff can focus on being productive and managing guest experiences. From small economy hotels to large resorts, guests often rate experiences such as ease of interaction with staff and communication as a top factor. Good communication is essential for a successful hotel with the phone system and hospitality apps laying the foundation for that success. By streamlining services and optimizing staff productivity hotels can improve services and maximize guest experience.

With OM series IP phone system as the core, New Rock provides featured unified communication solutions for various kind of  hotels.

Multi-extensions in one room

1.All extensions will ring when receive an incoming call, when one extension answers and the rest will automatically hang up

2.When any extension calls out, the other party sees the caller ID as the same extension number

3.The internal extensions can use small numbers to dial each other

OM series IP phone system

Wake Up Call Service

A unified hotel phone system should make a positive impression to customers and be easy and intuitive to use, for both customers and staff. New Rock PMSI could dock with various hotel property management system, by connecting to OM IP PBX, New Rock PMSI could provide hotel with multi functions including check-in, check out, guest name setting, wake-up call service, mini bar, billing service. With one click, hotel staff could easily set-up the wake up call according to customers’ requirement.

New Rock Solution for Hotel Industry Featured Funcitons

Virtual Reception

Based on the combination of AI technology and hotel PMS, New Rock hotel solution can achieve an intelligent upgrade of hotel reception.
Replace front desk staff with artificial intelligence to make and answer calls more intelligently, with functions as complete reservation confirmation, check in/out and renewal reminders, fulfill guest needs and other consulting services, etc.

New Rock hotel solution

Easy to install and use
Simply connect the hotel phone network 
One click to turn on smart services
Suitable for mass rollout
Automatically free up manual work throughout the process
Automatically synchronize orders and make and receive calls
No human involvement
Really free up manpower
Intelligent processing in a sec
Multiple calls can be made and received simultaneously
Instantly complete business processing
Quickly generate results
Real-time searchable call records
Real-time recording of call contents
View recordings and text content at any time

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