Best Features for Hotel VoIP Phone Systems
Update Time:2021-07-09

For hotels, the best benefit switching from landline telephony to VoIP or virtual PBX system is not just more than saving cost.

Stay Connected Internationally
When guests are traveling out of the country, no matter when they were on vacation or having a business trip, they naturally want to stay connected with friends or co-workers. They need to keep people informed or be informed with the updates.

Under a traditional PBX system, the international calling via a traditional phone system could be extremely expensive — both for the hotel and for the users who will eventually pay the bill. Based on some research the average cost of an international call from the United States to Mexico via a traditional landline telephone for 30 minutes can range from $8.10 to $10.26 depending on the provider.A study revealed that switching to VoIP can help businesses reduce the cost of international calling alone by up to 90%. On average, most businesses of all sizes see a savings of 50-75%. 

Voice over Internet Protocol short as VoIP making an international call is not too dissimilar from sending an email or engaging in an online chat session. Hotels and travelers get to enjoy the efficiency and cost-effectiveness gains that come with that. Guests should never worry about the cost of making an international call.

Interactive Voice Response IVR
Short for “Interactive Voice Response,” IVR menus are those automated greetings you hear whenever you call a business. Oftentimes you’ll get a short welcome message and will be asked to “Press 1 to speak to the sales department; Press 2 to speak to a support representative,” etc.

By far, IVR menus are a perfect opportunity for customer-facing organizations (like hospitality businesses) to handle incoming calls more efficiently. Each number on a keypad can be used to route a caller to a specific place depending on the reason they’re calling in the first place.

Efficient Reception
Travers need a lot of assistance in the hotel from getting room service or ask for booking a taxi— hotel reception could find themselves buried in the phone call.

With advanced call routing and automatic call distribution, hotels could set simple 24/7 set schedule from basic call routing.  Hotels can even have different functions performed based on whether a call is answered or goes unanswered.Advanced call routing can even route callers to alternative numbers like support agent mobile devices, or enable organizations to establish unique and customizable schedules.

New Rock Hotel VoIP Solutions
Hotels always need to make sure that they’re interacting with guests in a way that prioritizes the needs of those people. New Rock Hotel VoIP solution take IP-PBX as the key component, with multiple features, fine solution details at

Call Routing

Online Faxing 

Virtual Assistants 

IVR Menus 

International Calling 

Automated Group SMS 

CRM Integration

Billing software

Call recoding

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