Case study------Shanghai Quarantine hotel
Update Time:2022-04-26

Customer background

Last year many districts in Shanghai build a number of public service rental house to response to emergency events, during the epidemic prevention and control period, these houses are mainly used for the centralized isolation of medical observation.

Project requirement

The construction period of this project is short, and as one of the important measures taken for the regular prevention and control of the epidemic, there are strict requirements for the construction of the project.

The system is stable and reliable, with a single point to meet the telephone access of about 2,000 rooms, with high security and high reliability.

The volume of telephone consultation is large, and the reception call transfer needs to be accurate and fast.

Important calls  recording need to be recorded and saved.

New Rock Solution

According to the project construction requirements, New Rock provided a highly reliable VoIP solution with OM8000 unified  communication platform as the core component

Core server room.

Deploy digital trunk gateway OM1000-TE to connect to carrier lines.

DeployIP-PBX OM8000 which supports dual hot standby to ensure safe and reliable communication.

Deploy Recording agent software to record calls to meet the recording requirement of important positions.

Deploy PMSI  middleware to dock with third-party PMS.

Office, front desk and guest room areas.

The reception area deploys NRP1542G/P IP phones  to realize the function of quick transfer of call services.

Each hotel floor deploys MX60E analog gateway to connect with the analog phones in the rooms.

Customer values

Dedicated IP phone for the reception to improve call processing efficiency

NRP1542G/P is used in conjunction with the New Rock soft console Neehau to complete the transfer of calls, status monitoring, business consulting and other services, and can clearly see the busy line status of the internal extensions and the telephone transfer status, which helps to improve the transfer efficiency and realize efficient and accurate telephone reception.

IP-based deployment, convenient operation and maintenance management

The distributed architecture of IP-PBX and analog gateway is adopted to reduce the deployment of cable lines from the server room to the room and reduce the project cost. Full IP-based deployment, support for UMS centralized management, operation and maintenance, reducing the cost of later operation and maintenance.

Customizable  middleware PMSI, flexible docking to third-party PMS

New Rock Hotel Management Middleware PMSI supports customization of multiple features, check-in/check-out/change of room, wake-up call, etc., enabling flexible docking between IP-PBX and mainstream PMS.

Highly reliable voice communication guarantee

OM8000 IP PBX can meet up to 8000 extensions and 800 simultaneous calls and recordings. Support 99.999% telecom-grade reliability, smooth and clear calls. Based on carrier-grade professional hardware platform, it supports dual hot standby (main and standby switching time <5 seconds) and second-level automatic switching of main and standby servers; dual power supplies, dual network port redundancy, dynamic load balancing and other disaster-tolerant backup mechanisms to ensure "0" voice interruption with advanced technology.

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