Collaborative IP Communication Networking Buildup in the people’s court of Tianfu New District
Update Time:2020-07-31

Customer Profile

The people’s court of Tianfu new district in Chengdu (Sichuan Pilot Free Trade Zone People’s Court) is the first people’s court in China named as the provincial free trade zone, meanwhile it is the first one established by Sichuan Province after the new round of judicial reform. It was established on July 12, 2018, and officially performed its duties on January 1, 2019.

The establishment of the Tianfu new district (Free Trade Zone) court will unify the judgment standards for various cases, promote the formation of a complete judicial system in the new area, and create an open, fair and transparent legal environment for the development of the Tianfu Free Trade Zone.

Business challenge

The Tianfu new district (Free Trade Zone) court has a large jurisdiction with 8 departments and 4 subordinate courts. The quantity of the case estimated at around 20,000 will be accepted and processed in 2019.
How to handle cases efficiently in a wide range of jurisdictions? How do people feel fairness and justice in every judicial case? How to provide high-quality judicial service guarantees for the development of the Tianfu New District and Sichuan Free Trade Zone?

Therefore, the court has introduced an intelligent electronic litigation platform called "Tianfu Smart Court", as well as various forms of litigation services such as self-service, delayed service, and uninterrupted service. Concerning the design solution of the telephone system, the court desire to create an efficient and collaborative working networking to be in unified management and collaborative maintenance environment.

Solution Deployment

Because of the small number of telephone calls in the courts and its relatively simple structure, upon the intensive communication with the Tianfu new district (Free Trade Zone) court, New Rock proposed the solution with “centralized deployment of the central court and plug-and-play phones in the jurisdiction”.

Core engine-room
-  Deploy New Rock IP-PBX OM500, connect to the IMS line of the operator, and connect all the calls in the voice private network
-  Deploy the New Rock recording agent system to manage the telephone recordings of the external service hotline
Office workstations (including the General Court and subordinate courts)
-  Each court staff deploys an IP phone, without having additional telephone cables
-  Automatic Deployment the Plug and Play IP phone in batch, and with the built-in corporate contacts database.

Customer benefits

Unique set of telephone system sharing at multiple points for cost saving
There are 8 departments, 4 subordinate courts, and 210 IP phones are registered in New Rock IP-PBX OM500 in the core engine room. All outgoing calls go through the IMS external line of the General Court. The solution conducts convenient, simple, and efficient networking with good saving on the establishment and maintenance cost. It offers IP phones increasing anytime no matter the organization is larger or smaller.
Efficiently Communication among staff member with exclusive external number and extension number
New Rock IP-PBX OM500 supports 1000 extensions and 1000 external lines. The quantity of external line numbers is equal to the extension numbers1. Each court staff member has an exclusive line number and extension number. The line number is convenient for people to quickly find the corresponding office staff whenever they go outside. The extension number is convenient to dial each other internally, which improves communication efficiency.
Recording traces of external service hotline to enhance judicial credibility
Every call of the court’s external service hotline (such as the Litigation Service Center, the Judicial Police Brigade, etc.) is recorded, which enhances judicial credibility and keeps traces throughout the process, providing an effective evaluation for court disciplinary supervision. At the same time, the other business systems in the court, such as the case file delivery system which can retrieve recording files on the recording agent system and get the results of delivery in time.
Built-in intelligence capabilities empowering the construction of smart courts
As of December 30, 2019, the Tianfu new district (Free Trade Zone) court had received 24,019 new cases and closed 20,572 cases. To improve efficiency, the court introduced an intelligent litigation guide robot. New Rock IP-PBX has built-in AI capabilities to prepare the court for more intelligent construction in the future.

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